Chilling on the Beach

How many people take their horses to the beach with them?

Probably not many, but it was on my bucket list. So, on a nice 85-degree day in February 2017, hubby, son and I made a trip to Peters Point Florida, located just south of Amelia Island, north of Jacksonville. This is a public beach allowing people vehicles, and yes, horses. . Of course we were the only horse back riders there and we were quite the novelty. Lots of beach loungers were taking our pictures. We even met a nice couple from Granville Ohio!

Some pointers if you decide to make the trip. First, you need to get a permit if you are not a local resident ($40, but it is good for all summer). Second, go during low tide so you have more riding space. Third, do not think your pony will jump into the surf just like he crosses a creek back home. Ours were sure the rolling surf and sea foam coming at them was going to eat them at first. It took us about 45 minutes to get them close to the water, but even then no way were they going to get their toes wet.

Then I had the idea of backing them into the water, and let the water come to them – and it worked. They jumped when the first wave hit them from behind, but once the surf was in front of them, they were in. Actually, once wet, they just froze. Although they were not keen on the experience, they went in and out a few times and we did do a little gallop in the sand. All in all, I thought they did pretty good for their first time.
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