For Buckeye II, it was a Busy Year.

This was written to share with Buckeye’s previous owner. I know I would want to know how my previous horses are doing.

Here are some highlights from this year. We started out trail riding in Florida and spent March in Southern Pines where we also did some jumping and dressage lessons.  Through the spring and summer we did some trail rides – including a Best of America Ride by Horseback in PA where he got introduced to team penning.  He did two hunter paces, including a 5-mile Halloween ride and we came in third out of 29 teams.

I am not a horse show person, but Buckeye kind of gave me no choice. My goal was to qualify at Training I at our local dressage association and to compete at a local combined training event (Heritage Farm) in the 2-3 ft division. He did very respectably and we even took home high point day of the day at Training Level at a New Vocations Horse Show.  We won a saddle pad!!!  Who knows, we may go for first level next year – as long as it is still fun.  Buckeye will be heading South again with us this winter to Florida and Southern Pines. He does great outside 24/7 and we all like the sand footing – no rocks and no mud!

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